Glass Countertops

Stain resistant and easy to maintain, contemporary countertops can be designed in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, textures, thicknesses, and edge. Give your bathroom, kitchen, or bar area a distinctive look with uniquely designed glass countertops. NYC Glass 24 has a range of glass countertops, which are sure to give a spectacular and luxurious feel to your setting.

Elegantly beautiful, glass countertops are highly functional as well. Ideal for use in kitchens, glass countertops can withstand heat and endure high temperature. These are widely popular for being extraordinarily durable, mold resistant, anti-bacterial, hygienic, and scratch resistant.

Whether you seek glass bathroom countertops for office or kitchen, or restaurant, we will make the entire setting a spectacular showcase, leaving your guests awe-struck. Our engineers are popular for their artistic sophistication in creating colorful glass counter tops, which will leave a distinctive touch to your decor.

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